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As your consultants and partners, we take time to develop a clear understanding of your needs so that we identify realistic solutions. We then work closely with you to prepare a plan of action to achieve your specific objectives.

NB: We offer tailor-made solutions to all our clients, so if you have needs that are not represented among the listed services below, do not hesitate to contact us.

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CLC works mostly, but not exclusively, with UK and EU companies, industry bodies, charities, NGOs and umbrella organisations, with a particular focus on environmental issues, the charity sector, taxation, corporate responsibility, food and health, housing and places of worship.

We strategically deploy our expertise at all levels of government throughout the UK and the EU.

We look forward to discussing how we might be able to help you, whether it is just to increase your profile within the political world, or to find solutions to problems of a political nature that might be hampering your organisation’s effectiveness.