About us

Independent &
Public Affairs

Central Lobby Consultants Ltd (CLC) is an independent parliamentary and public affairs consultancy.

With over thirty-five years’ experience, CLC has extensive first-hand knowledge of the UK and EU decision-making processes and a thorough understanding of the ways in which various political institutions operate, including the UK devolved bodies and international forums.

Successful lobbying and public affairs activity depends on experience, understanding and in-depth research. We specialise in identifying technical and legislative solutions to our clients’ problems that will achieve lasting results for their businesses.

How we make a difference

CLC has the necessary skills to help you set realistic objectives and achieve them within the current political context.

CLC has extensive experience of the political environment and knows whom best to approach, and in what way.

CLC has based its success on attention to detail coupled with a deep understanding of UK and EU institutions. By thorough scrutiny and analysis of government initiatives, policy proposals, consultation documents and emerging data, CLC is able to identify any potential threats or opportunities for its clients.

CLC provides solutions which are tailored specifically to each individual client. We never offer formulaic solutions, nor do we propose activity for its own sake.

Our team

Central Lobby Consultants is a forward-thinking team of friendly, dedicated and experienced professionals.

Prior to joining CLC, many members of staff have worked in the UK Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament. Others have worked for UK charities, the Commonwealth Business Council and environmental businesses.


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